Board Of Directors

Louis T. Savino, III Foundation Co-Founders

Toni Pellegrini
Mother of Louis Savino, III

Lorraine Sikora
Aunt of Louis Savino, III

Salute to the Louis T. Savino, III Foundation Board of Directors

Since our inception we’ve had a dedicated Board of Directors in place to see that our mission, goals, objectives and fiscal obligations are met. They have shared their time and expertise offering guidance, support and consistent review of our activities to be certain we always remain on track. It is with great pride that we salute this committed group of individuals who believe in our cause, in keeping Louis’ memory alive through our endeavors to save lives and to offer their help in any way that they can.

Michael Amato, CPA

Sandra Amato
Board Secretary

Gerry Bram
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor
Saved with an AED

Dain Lewis

Leslie Lewis

Bruce Malinowski, ChFC

Janet Ostoyich, RN

Josh Rosenzweig

Juliette Faughnan