Survivor Stories

A Heart of Gold

Gerry Bram, is a dramatic example of how AEDs save lives. The former Philadelphia public league and college football referee was officiating a game at Syracuse University on September 29, 2001 when he collapsed and his heart stopped beating. Fortunately, the University had acquired a defibrillator two months earlier. Bram was resuscitated on the field immediately, taken to a hospital, and avoided any permanent damage from his attack. He now has a miniature AED implanted in his heart.

Gerry Bram's Lifesaving Story

At their first Annual Memorial Golf Outing on October 3, 2005, Toni Pellegrini and Lorraine Sikora presented Savino Foundation Board Member Gerry Bram with the Heart of Gold award. Gerry worked tirelessly to secure many golf outing sponsors, golfers and hundreds of dollars in prizes for the event.

The Savino Foundation is honored that Gerry Bram is a member of their Board of Directors. He serves as a powerful reminder that AEDs do save lives and that tragedy does not have to follow a sudden cardiac arrest event.

More Survivor Stories

The Savino Foundation continuously tracks news stories to determine if Automated External Defibrillators were successfully used to save a life. The following news stories have been located. They truly demonstrate that AEDs, if they are nearby and deployed can mean the difference between life and death. If you learn about an AED Save, please contact us at and provide the news link to the story.

Age 16 - Massachusetts - Basketball coach praised for reviving teen who collapsed during tournament in Foxboro - 08/02/21

Age 49 - Texas - YMCA Staff Deemed Heroes After Saving a Man with an AED Who Collapsed Playing Basketball - 04/05/21

Age 14 - Minnesota - Delano High School Basketball Player Saved by an AED - 03/21/21

Age 12 - Utah - Mount Jordan Staff Sprung into Action to Save a Boy’s Life with an AED - 02/11/21

Age 18 - Texas - High School Senior Saved by an AED - 11/20/20

Age - Virginia - Wyethville Parks and Rec employees save life of customer who Collapsed - 09/29/20

Age 16 - Pennsylvania - Pennridge Senior’s Heart Stopped at Band Practice; Saved by an AED - 09/14/20

Age 17 - Pennsylvania - Maddie's Story - Saved by an AED - 09/14/2020

Age - Pennsylvania - Pennridge High School Senior Alive Thanks to Quick Actions by School Staff - 10/27/20

Age - North Carolina - Hockey Player Revived by CPR & AED - 06/06/19

Age 12 - Kentucky - AED Helps Save Young Boy's Life at Baseball Practice - 04/10/19

Age 14 - Kentucky - Teacher Saves Life of Student who Clinically Died - 03/27/19

Age 22 - Colorado - Two Strangers Save Colorado University Boulder Student's Life - 02/15/19

Age - Texas - Man Save by AED after Collapsing at Kingsland Church - 03/18/19

Age 67 - Arkansas - Nursing Student Save Man's Life After He Collapsed in the Gym - 01/16/19

Age - New York - Cedar Beach Workers Credited with Saving Man's Life with an AED -

Age 14 - New Jersey - Soccer coaches revive player who collapsed on field - 09/07/18

Age 19 - South Carolina - School Alumnus Playing Basketball Collapses, Revived with an AED - 06/21/18

Age - Illinois - CPR/AED "Saves" in Chicago Area - 07/01/18

Age - Illinois - CPR & AED Awareness -- Husband Saves Wife with CPR - Student Saved by AED - 06/04/18

Age - Illinois - Gyms & Sudden Cardiac Arrest - AEDs Used by ByStanders Saved Two Lives - 06/29/18

Age - Illinois - CPR & AED Awareness -- Husband Saves Wife with CPR - Student Saved by AED - 06/04/18

Age 18 - Missouri - High School Student Saved by an AED After Collapsing at Basketball Game - 07/29/17

Age 21 - North Carolina - South Carolina State Basketball Player Collapses; Revived by an AED - 12/04/17

Age 12 - Missouri - Student Collapsed on Basketball Court-Revived by an AED - 02/05/18

Age - Illinois - Man Saved at Church by Team Members Using an AED - 02/28/18

Age 12 - Illinois - Student's Life Saved by School Staff with AED - 02/28/18

Age 16 - Texas - Bystanders Help Rescue Teen Soccer Player After Collapse - 9/29/14

Age 13-Kansas-Middle School Student Collapses & Saved During a Cross-Country Meet - 9/23/14

Age 16 - Louisiana-Neville Football Player Collapses and is Saved by an AED - 9/10/14

Age 14-Arkansas-Nurses Resuscitate Collapsed Player at Watson Chapel - 8/29/14

Age 27-Pennsylvania-Good Samaritans Save Runner In Cardiac Arrest Along Schuykill River - 8/24/14

Age 15-Alabama-Spanish Fort Sophomore Football Player Saved on Football Field - 8/06/14

Age 16-Michigan-First Responders Save Teen in Cardiac Arrest - 7/03/14

New Jersey-Middle School Student Saved by AED-Teachers Called Heroes - 6/11/14

Age 6-South Carolina-Taylor Girl Survives Heart Attack; Thanks Responders - 5/28/14

Age 16-California-High School Student Faced Near Death Experience - 5/24/14

Age 15-New Jersey-School's Athletic Director Revives Track Athlete - 3/19/14

Age 17-New Jersey-Police Save Life of Fallen Runner - 3/17/14

Age 15 - Student Saved by AED - 1/28/14
< Tennessee-Joint Effort Saves Student's Life - 1/20/14

Age 3 - Team Effort Saves Little Boy's Life -11/01/13

Age 17-Ohio-Student Survives Sudden Death Arrest - 10/21/13

Age 22 - Bakersfield woman honors Fresno cops who saved her life 11 months ago - 9/17/13

Age 11 - CPR and AED 'chain of survival' saves Folsom boy - 7/26/13

Age 18 - Athletic trainer's quick response helps save player who collapsed at AAU tournament -7/17/13

Age 17 - AED saves life of teen who collapses during basketball tournament - 7/17/13

Age 21 - Lifeguard Saved by Fellow Lifeguard - 7/09/13

Age 52 - Friends Save Man in Gym with an AED - 6/18/13

Age 13 - Maplewood Student's Life Saved by Athletic Trainer - 6/03/13

Age 16 - High school student collapses in school hallway, saved by AED - 5/22/13

Age 13 - Athletic trainer revives young runner at race finish - 5/20/13

Age 16 - Coach hailed for saving High School football player who collapses during practice - 5/16/13

Age 15 - Teen's life is Saved by 3 Heroes and an AED - 5/09/13

Age 67 - AED accessibility saves man's life - 5/3/13

Age Adult - High School Coach and Trainer save father's life - 5/1/13

Age 13 - Girl saves teammate's life with CPR learned the day before - 4/19/13

Age 7th grader - Teacher saves student with CPR - 4/9/13

Age 62 - School nurse saves janitor's life - 4/1/13

Age 21 - Paramedic units save 21 year old who collapsed playing basketball with his father - 3/31/13

3rd grader - Teacher and nurse save boy who collapsed during gym with AED, CPR - 2/25/13

Age 18 - School staff revive student who collapsed at school - 2/12/13

Age 15 - High school girl in coma after collapsing before basketball game - 1/31/13

College student revived after collapsing on treadmill - 1/26/13

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